Price is Right contestant dislocates shoulder while celebrating game win

US gameshow The Price is Right got a little ‘bonkers’ last week when a highly energetic contestant named Henry dislocated his shoulder while celebrating a game win.

The animated contestant was tasked with guessing the right price to win a trip to Hawaii during a game called "Bonkers," which he successfully won on his first try.

Henry was seen jumping and cheering so jubilantly, that when he threw his fists in the air he ended up injuring himself, according to host Drew Carey.

"Let me explain what happened," Carey told the audience later in the broadcast, adding that "Henry was celebrating and going ‘woo’ and he dislocated his shoulder."

The audience reacted with a unified gasp, to which Carey replied "I know."

Henry and his wife Alice stood on stage next to Carey smiling and laughing as the longtime host broke the news to the audience, who then went on to explain that Alice would have to spin the big wheel for him due to his shoulder injury.

When Alice spun a 95 out of 100, more cheering ensued – this time, with Henry lightly fist-pumping the air with his mobile arm as his injured arm hung limp.

"He won a trip to Hawaii and the ER," the caption of a post on the game show's Instagram page read on Friday, with text on the accompanying video reading, "Guy dislocates shoulder celebrating."

The caption also included an update letting followers know that Henry is indeed "feeling better and all healed now" after his improbable injury, which serves as a reminder to us all that when celebrating a big win, perhaps just a light fist-pump will do just fine.