Ryan Bridge announces engagement, sets winter wedding

AM host Ryan Bridge has revealed he is engaged.

Speaking on Monday's show, he told viewers he was "very, very happy to share some personal news" before letting the audience know he was engaged.

"It was maybe a couple of months ago I got down on one knee," he told co-host Laura Tupou.

"Went for a little swim in the beach and actually did it in the water - which was kind of risky I guess because I had the ring. I proposed to my partner and he said yes."

Bridge said he'd decided to tell everyone now "so that we can finally start talking about the wedding because that's the most important thing".

He said they'd been looking at the possibility of a winter wedding to prevent "sweating like a pig" on his big day.

"The wedding planning is going well, we're thinking winter, which is quite controversial but I'm sick of going to weddings and sweating like a pig in the summer. Everyone's in a suit."

Bridge also joked that a winter wedding was a bit "cheaper" too. He told viewers he wouldn't be revealing details of his partner, as they had chosen to be anonymous, and said even a magazine spread with details of the engagement only showed the back of his other half's head.

"He doesn't want his name out there. He doesn’t want his face out there. I'm like, 'do you really love me?' People will be thinking, 'does he exist or is he a figment of Ryan's imagination?'" Bridge joked.

Watch the AM video above.