Ryan Bridge shares 'bizarre' emails from viewer who writes in daily about his wardrobe

AM host Ryan Bridge has shared the "bizarre" emails he receives every day from a viewer who writes in to comment on his outfits and choice of clothing.

"It has just been brought to my attention that a man named Dan has been emailing our programme every day to complain about what I wear," Bridge said on Monday.

"So sorry, I didn't know about this until now."

His co-presenter Laura Tupou revealed more about the contents of the daily missives, explaining Dan had informed them he'd got a day off "so he's written maybe 10 or so paragraphs".

"It's nice to see you wearing a beautiful light white shirt with a crimson jacket," she said.

"Looks like your teeth whitening kit paid off - it aids an intimate pop of glare in conjunction with that shirt. The pocket square is not going away without a fight is it. I'd take a stab in the dark and suggest your spirit animal is a donkey."

Tupou said the viewer had not stopped at just the clothing, but also had insight into Bridge's choice of rings, too.

"Let's have a go at your jewellery while I have spare time up my sleeve. You had a ring on your left hand the other day - I feel like you were sending me a covert acknowledgement of our correspondence and I was very flattered you made the effort, thank you.

"In summary, you're making some steps forward, a few steps back every day which should be commended," Tupou said Dan had written in conclusion.

Watch the video from AM above.