Two New Zealand shows to hit our screens, showcasing Kiwi talent

Two talented young Kiwi creatives will watch their dreams come true as they each debut their own TV shows on Three.

Award-winning comedian Chris Parker wrote and produced Double Parked and Sam Wang writes, directs and stars in Homebound 3:0.

Keeping it local by telling good Kiwi stories, two brand new shows have hit our screens.

The two men have kept their projects under wraps - neither has had even the sneakiest peek of their respective shows.

"What I think is exciting about this show is it feels so left in that sense there's this lesbian couple going through this IVF and pregnancy journey. Then once you get into the world these people feel so real and they definitely feel like our friends," Parker said.

While Wang said his show was originally pitched as a glamorous Sex and the City.

"Instead of being 30, single and living it up in NYC, they're 30 and single and living with their parents in west Auckland," he said. 

"Trying to be Sex and the City but not very successfully."

Wang plays the lead role of Henry. It's a role he said he gave himself because they'd run out of money, but the man doth protest too much. He more than holds his own opposite the excellent Michelle Ang.

In fact, the depth of acting talent made the casting process for both shows a challenge.

"There are just so many amazing actors in this country. We were so lucky to get Antonia [Prebble] and Mads [Madeleine Sami] who levelled this thing up," Parker said 

"I'd just pinch myself every time I was in the edit."

Both those edits are complete and these two shows are ready to roll.