Drake admonishes fan who threw vape at him on stage for not 'taking life seriously'

Drake has once again been the victim of a fan throwing something at him on stage.

The latest incident occurred while he was on stage at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn, New York when the object landed at his feet on Friday (NZ time), prompting him to pause the show and tell whoever had thrown it they had "some real life evaluating to do."

Video posted by Barclays Centre on Instagram under the caption: "Reminder: You cannot vape at Barclays Centre" showed the 'God's Plan' rapper calling out the fan.

"Did you throw a vape up here? Come on," he said.

"Hey, who threw this? Who threw the vape?"

"There's no way you're taking life seriously if you think I'm gonna pick this vape up and vape with you at the f**king Barclays Centre.

"You got some real life evaluating to do, throwing this f**king lemon mint vape up here, thinking I'm about to vape with you at the Barclays."

It's not the first item Drake has had thrown at him during his current tour.

Earlier this month he was in Chicago for the start of his It's All a Blur show when someone in the audience hurled a phone in his direction.

Footage from the concert showed the phone hitting Drake's wrist and dropping to the ground while he was singing a cover of Ginuwine's 'So Awesome'.

He didn't acknowledge it.

Over the past months, there have been several instances of artists on stage having items hurled at them.

Bebe Rexha was left bruised after a cellphone hit her in the eye in New York; singer Ava Max was slapped by a fan who had rushed the stage in Los Angeles and 'Trustfall' singer Pink had a clear bag full of a fan's ashes thrown at her while she was performing in London's Hyde Park.