Video shows phone being thrown at Drake during Chicago concert

In what's becoming a unfortunately common practice in 2023, Drake has become the latest performing artist to have something thrown at them during a concert.

While on stage on Wednesday (US time), the 'God's Plan' hitmaker was in Chicago for the start of his It's All a Blur show when someone in the audience hurled a phone in his direction.

Footage shows the phone hitting Drake's wrist and dropping to the ground while he was singing a cover of Ginuwine's 'So Awesome'.

The behaviour has been condemned by many online after the video was uploaded to social media.

On Twitter, one person's comments echoed the thoughts of many.

"Why would someone spend $600 on a phone and then throw it - and all their data - at the stage?" they asked.

"They do this to get internet famous, Drake's not going to give them the satisfaction. That phone will be cleaned up by the cleaning crew and tossed in the garbage," another said.

The Drake incident follows a series of artists who've had items hurled at them while performing.

Last month, Bebe Rexha was taken to hospital after she was hit in the face with a phone during her concert in New York City.

The 'I'm Good (Blue)' singer was performing at The Rooftop at Pier 17 when an audience member hurled a phone that struck the side of her face.

The stunned singer grasped her face and then fell to her knees, and the event was cut short as she was escorted off-stage.

A few days later, singer Ava Max was slapped by a fan who rushed the stage during her performance in Los Angeles.

Video shared online at the time showed Max carry on singing while the audience member was bear-hugged by security and dragged off.

But in a more wholesome recent incident, 'Trustfall' singer Pink was gifted a large brie while on stage in London recently.

"I wanna kiss you on the mouth," she exclaimed to the unknown audience member, who'd brought a giant wheel of brie to the concert as a token of their appreciation for the singer.