Lil Nas X stopped by Oslo police during e-scooter ride, forced closure of a tunnel

Lil Nas X has been stopped by police after causing chaos on an e-scooter.
Lil Nas X has been stopped by police after causing chaos on an e-scooter.

Lil Nas X was reportedly stopped by police after he rode through a tunnel in Oslo on an electric scooter.

The 24-year-old was reportedly among a group of four Americans who were stopped by police on Monday after riding electric scooters through a tunnel in Oslo, Norway.

Authorities shut the Festning (Fortress) tunnel but reopened it shortly after. According to reports, none of the scooter riders were detained or charged.

The four tourists had followed a GPS route which had led them into the 1.1-mile tunnel, according to police.

The group "used large parts of the roadway", which resulted in a road traffic centre having to close several lanes, the police added.

"They apologised. We have escorted them out," the Norwegian police department wrote on its official Twitter account.

The Norwegian outlet Dagbladet reported that the Old Town Road hitmaker was one of the members of the group in question but this has not been confirmed by the police.

The 'Industry Baby' star seemingly posted photos after the incident. Alongside a snap of himself standing in the tunnel, he wrote, "About to go to jail in Norway," and next to an image of him with cops in front of a police car, he added, "nvm (never mind) they f**k wit my music (sic)."

The rapper is in Norway's capital to perform at the Slottsfjell festival, which will kick off on Wednesday.

The artist is then scheduled to perform in Bern, Switzerland and Lucca, Italy before travelling to Paris, France, to perform at Lollapalooza on 21 July.