Man poses as James Bond under Scotland Yard sign during live BBC interview over sex scandal

A man has been caught imitating James Bond during a live BBC News broadcast about allegations of explicit images of a teen bought by one of the corporation's biggest presenters.

During the BBC News at 1 O'clock on Monday, some viewers were stunned to see a man posing as the fictional secret agent 007 outside the UK police headquarters New Scotland Yard.

As correspondent Helena Wilkinson updated viewers with her report containing details about recent allegations made against a presenter that claimed they'd paid thousands of pounds for explicit images from a 17 year-old, the man started posing and pointing gun fingers.

The presumed tourist carried out several stances before checking their friend's phone and assessing the photos.

The clip soon went viral online, with many commenting about the would-be Bond's take on the icon.

"Especially funny when you think 007 had nothing to do with New Scotland Yard!" one commenter said on Twitter.

"The name's Bond... Bail Bond," another said.

Others were quick to tag comic actor Charlie Day, who stars in It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, with some pointing out a resemblance between the pair.

But one commenter had a harsh comedown for the would-be spy.

"Looks more like one of Charlie's Angels," they wrote.