Margot Robbie speaks to Kate Rodger about 'very tall order' to make Barbie movie

There's no doubt we're in the thick of full-blown Barbie fever. It's everywhere you turn, billboards, storefronts and TV ads.

Barbie has been around for 64 years and now the long-awaited live-action movie has hit Aotearoa's shores.

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling take the lead as the famous dolls, Barbie and Ken, and Newshub's entertainment editor Kate Rodger caught up with cast and director Greta Gerwig in Sydney.

Robbie told Rodger "it was a very tall order to make a Barbie movie", with many elements to include and think about. 

"She [Barbie] doesn't have an existing narrative. Someone was going to have to come up with that."

Robbie said whoever was going to write and direct the film would have to address Barbie in all her glory. 

"The things that have been problematic about Barbie over the years, and speak to the audience who don't agree with Barbie, and then also make Mattel comfortable enough that they would let us make it."

On top of all of that, Robbie, who also produced the film, said the movie also had to honour the 64-year legacy of Barbie. She described it as "a lot to do on top of just entertaining people and making a great movie."

Robbie believes there are only a few people who could produce an end product that would encompass all of those elements, one being director Greta Gerwig. 

"I was like, 'If Greta says no to this, I don't even know where we turn next'."

Robbie told Newshub's entertainment editor the film has "been so over-waited", not just since it was announced but throughout Barbie's history. 

"It's kind of insane that something that has continuously been topical and popular for that long hasn't had a live-action film before."

Gerwig reflected on her time working with Robbie on the film. She told Rodger the only time the pair weren't on the same page was the first time Robbie had to watch the director's cut.

"I had a complete panic attack because I only want her to see it when it's perfectly finished and done. But since she's a producer she has to see it in all the iterations."

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