Sam Neill quits Twitter, says he's had enough of 'angry and divisive' service

Sam Neill has bid farewell to his 500,000 followers online.
Sam Neill has bid farewell to his 500,000 followers online. Photo credit: Twitter

Jurassic Park actor and vintner Sam Neill has announced he's walking "quietly away" from Twitter.

He shared an update online, with a video of him simply smiling and waving captioned: "GOODBYE. My friends, I'm just going to walk quietly away from Twitter for now.

"I am not happy with what's happened at Twitter & I'm not happy to be in a place that is so angry & divisive," he added, hinting at the turmoil caused by tech titan Elon Musk acquiring the platform in 2022.

"But I'll still be alive on Instagram. And I miss my blue tick!" he wrote.

Neill was one of the millions who lost their verification status when Musk pulled the pin and removed legacy verified blue ticks from all accounts on April 20. He then offered people a chance to subscribe to the service and pay for it, a move that prompted many celebrities to fear fake accounts would spring up online.

Fans have reacted to the news with disappointment.

"Aw, Sam. I suspected it would happen. Can't blame you, but I hope this place sorts itself out. We need the good guys to stay..." one commented.

"Bon voyage to the land of IG. And thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wit and kindness during your COVID lockdown videos," another said.