The Eagles' founding member Randy Meisner dies aged 77

Randy Meisner of the Eagles has died.
Randy Meisner of the Eagles has died. Photo credit: Getty Images

Randy Meisner, who was a co-founding member of legendary rock band the Eagles and served as a bassist and vocalist, has died, according to an announcement on the band's official site.

He was 77.

"The Eagles are sad to report that founding member, bassist, and vocalist, Randy Meisner, passed away last night (July 26) in Los Angeles at age 77, due to complications from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease (COPD)," the statement, posted on Thursday, read.

"Randy was an integral part of the Eagles and instrumental in the early success of the band.

"His vocal range was astonishing, as is evident on his signature ballad, 'Take It to the Limit'," said the Eagles.

Meisner's musical career began with Rick Nelson's Stone Canyon Band as their vocalist and bassist.

He later joined country-rock band Poco as their original bass player in the 1960s before forming the Eagles in 1971 with the band's original members, Glenn Frey, Don Henley and Bernie Leadon.

Meisner contributed to some of the most iconic songs from the Eagles, including 'Try and Love Again' and 'Take it to the Limit,' and is credited for his work on albums including 'Eagles','Desperado,' 'On The Border,' 'One of These Nights,' and 'Hotel California.'

He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 with the Eagles.