Aaradhna shares shocking domestic violence details in Instagram post

Aaradhna has posted on social media that she was a victim of domestic violence.
Aaradhna has posted on social media that she was a victim of domestic violence. Photo credit: Facebook - Aaradhna

Warning - this story contains details of domestic violence.

Musician Aaradhna has revealed she has been the victim of domestic violence.

In a shocking post shared on her Instagram Story on Friday, the 'Wake Up' singer said she had been unable to grieve "properly" the death of her mother due to injuries she alleged she'd received.

The post, which has now automatically been deleted, showed her dressed head to toe with only the lower part of her face showing at her mother Sia'a Patel's funeral. 

"My face was covered for a reason," she began in the lengthy post.

"They still saw and asked what happened. I lied to my loved ones, said allergic reaction. But I can still see the trace of your fingers. You made your mark, something to remember you by. It hurt when people came to hug me in my head I'm thinking 'Please not too tight'."

She also said she was in pain at the funeral.

"I wore long sleeves the whole time. Besides the scabbing on my face from you slapping the skin off the right side of my face, I made sure no one saw the bruises that you left behind. My body covered not one spot missing even the back of my ears from when you whacked them. My back sore hunched over from when you slammed me on the arm of the couch," Aaradhna wrote.

"Just like the time you slammed me on the ground and we both heard my rib crack, that was the day before I had to fly to Perth for the show, the gig where I had to wear a long sleeve with my outfit and hear the click sound whenever I painfully breathed in and out. 

"It hurt to sing that time. That was that time.

"But what makes this time hard is that I couldn't grieve properly for mum cos you made it about yourself, you couldn't comfort and be there for me all I got was anger and emptiness."

Aaradnha has shared shocking domestic violence details on social media.
Aaradnha's original shocking domestic violence post from Instagram stories. Photo credit: Instagram - Aaradhna

She also claimed the unnamed perpetrator had gotten angry with her after discovering an ex was heading to the funeral to honour her mother.

"The worst was when you replied to me, when I texted you that I was going to see mum for the first time at the morgue which was the hardest time. You texted and said - 'Enjoy your mum, I'm out!' You packed your bags ready to go all because you were mad at finding out that my ex was coming to the funeral to pay his respect for mum. I will never forget that. I can't believe you said that! You made it hard for me to grieve. I've never met anyone like this, selfish and cruel. It was my fault to always give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you loved me i kept the good parts of you in my mind to keep the love alive, I was in denial."

She also shared that she felt she had needed to speak up.

"I should've walked away when you said I wasn't worthy. We live and learn. Usually I keep shit to myself but I have a high fire in my heart, my chest boils everyday knowing you are getting away with a smirk on your face. There's so much to say but that's what songs are for. I'll leave it at that. I've never come across a person like this and I never ever want to ever again."

In a further post following reactions to her allegations, Aaradhna said she wouldn't publicly be naming the person involved, but quashed speculation after comments online had run rampant naming a former partner they believed were responsible.

"I didn't put a name because it's not important. But it's definitely not Leon, we were together for 14 years and he never ever laid a hand on me. I'll leave it at that," she said.

Newshub has reached out to Aaradhna's management for an update on the singer.

Following her story, there has been an outpouring of support for the singer on social media, with one domestic violence group saying it had already been contacted by others who'd been suffering in silence but had seen her story and decided to act.

She Is Not Your Rehab wrote on Facebook praising Aaradhna for being "brave" and sharing her story.

"Thank you for being brave enough to speak about hard things sister. For having the courage to normalise what is immensely painful and considered shameful in too many of our communities," the organisation's post reads.

"Today, after you shared your truth, another brave queen messaged us her story, because reading yours made her whisper 'me too' and she realised she is not alone in her struggles. She wanted help and support to begin her own story of truth and freedom. For her and her babies.

"Today, she wants you to know Aaradhna, that YOUR voice, was once the soundtrack of many moments of her life but today YOUR voice was HER lifeline.

"She says 'Fa'afetai! Fa'afetai! Fa'afetai!'"

Where to find help and support: