Adele fan shares POV video of moment he was hassled by security but singer intervened

An Adele fan has captured the moment her show paused as the singer scolded security for seemingly hassling him.

Juan Lastra uploaded footage to TikTok of the Las Vegas show he attended with a 360 degree camera, in which he is asked by a member of the audience to sit down because "everyone was upset" at his standing up and singing along. 

While Lastra initially did so, he then got up again and the audience member called security to get him to stay seated. 

As security told him he had to calm down, the commotion caught Adele's eye from the stage and she halted singing 'Water Under The Bridge' to ask what was going on.

"What is going on with that young man there? He's been bothered so much since I came on for standing up. What's going on with him?" she said.

Lastra put up his hand and Adele said she was talking to him. The footage then shows the security guard walking away.

"Why are you all bothering him? Can you leave him alone please? They won't bother you again, my darling. You enjoy the show," Adele then said before starting up the music again.

Lastra's video showed much of the rest of the audience standing up at that point and singing along in unison.

On TikTok, Lastra said he'd waited for over a year to attend the show.

"Adele thank you so much for this breathtaking night and for standing up for me, so that I could live your concert as it should be. I'm also sorry that I didn't respond back to anything you asked me. You started talking to me and I literally stopped breathing," he said.

The video and interactions have prompted some discussions over what etiquette is best at gigs, with some unhappy that others would have had their enjoyment of the concert disrupted by his actions.

Others were very much on Lastra's side.

"Why do people come to concerts to sit and be boring? I will never understand! Sing your heart out king," one said.