Dai Henwood 'wouldn't have done anything different' in his life before cancer diagnosis

New Zealand comedian Dai Henwood says he "wouldn't have done anything different" if he knew when he was younger how his life was going to turn out.

In January, he revealed to The Project he had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer which his oncologist declared "incurable".

The comic has just finished another round of chemotherapy for bowel cancer and is now making final preparations for live comedy show ANZ Presents: The Comedy Treatment on Thursday.

Speaking to Newshub ahead of the event, Henwood said he was "super blessed" after thousands of people had sent him "positive vibes" through his treatments.

"If we were talking just over three years ago, when I was in my first session of chemotherapy with six major surgeries on the horizon,  I wouldn't have imagined I would have been in this place," he said.

"But I have to say, I'm super proud of myself for dealing with this journey the way I have dealt with it. I'm super blessed with all the people who have reached out and sent me positive vibes because for me, making these little videos, getting out there and sharing my story, helping other people massively helps me.

"I do have a big sense of pride of how I've carried myself through all of this. I actually have learned more about myself as a human being and the last three years than I had in the entire 40 odd years before that. 

"Although this is something I wish had never happened to me, it has been an amazing teacher. It had just sort of, I suppose, made me into someone who I think is a better human being."

Henwood also said while he wouldn't have changed anything, his message to his younger self would be to "saddle up". 

"I actually think about this quite a bit, if I would do things differently.

"I have loved every moment of my life, the good times and the bad. And I actually wouldn't have done anything different. If I was going to say anything to my younger self, I would say 'Saddle up, it's going to be one hell of a ride'." 

Henwood said he had four or five months off chemo now which meant he could start planning for Christmas and an end to 2023.

"It takes a while for me to sort of come out of the fog of chemo. But I always have a few things to look forward to. We're sort of going to drive down and show the kids the snow, we're going to go and hopefully avoid this Auckland rain and some sunshine and certainly at some point, see the NRL grand final," he said.

"So we've got a lot of wonderful things on the cards. But also I suppose for me the main thing is I just like being a bit of a homebody with my whanau now and kicking a rugby ball around with my kids and enjoying those little small things. 

"You can be guaranteed. I'm going to be finding a lot of personal sunshine over the next few months."

ANZ Presents: The Comedy Treatment airs live on Three on Thursday at 8.30pm and on Three Now. Donations can be made online to the ANZ Daffodil Day for the Cancer Society.