Guy Goma, man mistaken for tech expert in viral video, to sue BBC

Guy Goma says he will sue the BBC over an infamous 2006 interview.
Guy Goma says he will sue the BBC over an infamous 2006 interview. Photo credit: YouTube - BBC News

Guy Goma, the man who was mistaken for a tech expert and put on live TV, says he intends to sue the BBC for never receiving money from a video which went viral.

In May, 2006 Goma had been at the BBC to be interviewed for a job as an IT technician when he found himself live on BBC News 24 being asked about a legal battle that Apple had lost.

Asked on air by business presenter Karen Bowerman for analysis into the verdict, he became increasingly confused. 

"Well, Guy Kewney is editor of the technology website Newswireless. Hello, good morning to you," Bowerman said to him at the time.

She followed up with the question: "Were you surprised by this verdict today?" to which Goma looked shocked.

"I am very surprised to see... this verdict to come on me, because I was not expecting that. When I came, they told me something else and I am coming. 'You got an interview,' that's all. So a big surprise anyway," he said with millions watching the interview.

The subsequent video went viral, amassing 5.3 million views for the BBC on YouTube.

It later transpired due to a mix up at reception, Goma was confused for IT and music expert Guy Kewney and had been sent to the studios.

But Goma told podcast Accidental Celebrities he never received any money from the interview in the 17 years following the incident and believed he should receive a share of the royalties.

"I contacted them. They didn't answer me," he told podcast hosts Josh Pieters and Archie Manners.

"I am going to go because of the money they made from it. They didn't give me a single penny.

"They have been using it for nearly 20 years with no penny to me. When I see that they are paying people millions here and there, that clip made them richer."

Goma now works for a charity supporting people with learning disabilities.

The BBC has not responded to the claims from Goma or the request for payment.