'Tone deaf' Martha Stewart under fire for using iceberg chunks to cool her drinks while on Greenland cruise

Martha Stewart is under fire for using icebergs for her drinks.
Martha Stewart is under fire for using icebergs for her drinks. Photo credit: Instagram - Martha Stewart

American celebrity chef Martha Stewart has been blasted as being "tone deaf" for saying she "captured a small iceberg" for cocktails during a cruise around Greenland and Iceland.

She published photos of herself enjoying a cocktail on a cruiseliner operated Swan Hellenic which enraged some online commenters - especially after she also shared images of icebergs taken from the bow of the ship.

One shot showed the iceberg in its natural form, before showing chunks of ice on a trolley ready to be further cut up for cocktails.

"Wealthy white people drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames is a bit tone deaf," one commented on her post.

"Martha, the ice caps are melting - don't put them in your drink," another said.

"Leave the icebergs alone!" another posted.

But others said the superstar chef was fine to use the icebergs for her drink as it was summer in the region and the icebergs would be melting anyway.

"They are melting. It is summer here in Iceland," one pointed out.

US publication People said it had contacted Swan Hellenic for comment over the use of the ice, and said the company posted on its website that they adhered to "sustainability policies" where required by local authorities when they travelled.