Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins hopes New Zealand audiences will embrace Wiggles' World Vision song

Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins says she's hopeful the group's collaboration with charity World Vision will "promote change" to a new audience.

Kiwi audiences will get to hear 'Around The World' for the first time as part of the Wiggles' Hello We're The Wiggles Live series of performances around the motu.

"It's mainly to help children feel strong and [to encourage[ helping children have a joyful childhood," she told AM's Ryan Bridge. 

"They don't have access to basic necessities and in the western world we take everything for granted."

Hawkins said it's a cause that's close to her heart. She was born in Ethiopia before being adopted and raised by Australian parents when she was just five months old.

Hawkins said she was optimistic the song would "invite people to sponsor a child" as well as helping to "promote change".

Hawkins took on the yellow skivvy made famous by Emma Watkins in October 2021, when it was announced Watkins was quitting after over a decade with the group.

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