Britney Spears 'hooks up' with criminal twice after Sam Asghari divorce news

Britney Spears has reportedly hooked up with a convicted criminal twice after splitting from her husband Sam Asghari last month. 

Sources told the Daily Mail she had had a "short fling" with Paul Richard Soliz after news broke of her divorce. 

However, they have also insisted Spears "no longer has any communication" with him and has broken off the relationship. 

Rumours emerged of Spears' fling with her former housekeeper just weeks after the divorce papers had been filed and amid accusations she had been caught cheating

"They had a short fling after Sam left but that was it," the source confirmed to the Daily Mail. 

"Britney hooked up with him twice and, at the time, [she] did not know about his criminal past. She no longer has any communication with him." 

In a report published by TMZ, it was alleged the couple had a 'huge fight' after Asghari confronted her over claims that she'd been unfaithful. 

The Daily Mail reported Soliz "has multiple felonies - one for possession of narcotics for sale and another for possession of a fire arm, which occurred in December 2022 while he was employed by the songstress.  Other misdemeanours include disturbing the peace, child endangerment and driving without a license." 

The source also told the Mail Spears' security team had failed "to do a proper background check" when hiring him, and said once his criminal past was revealed, his employment as a housekeeper was terminated. 

Spears has not commented publicly on the reports.