Herbs reissue classic albums on vinyl, say politically-led music remains timely

Iconic New Zealand band Herbs say the vinyl reissue of their first five studio albums should serve as a warning to younger generations to "pay attention".

Throughout their career, Herbs have peppered their music with political statements.

In the past, they've stood up for New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance and spoken out about Māori land rights, most notably around Bastion Point.

Drummer and vocalist Gordon Joll told AM hosts Ryan Bridge and Laura Tupou: "The songs are enduring, three generations have enjoyed these now."

When asked if reggae has always been a bit political, original band member Tama Lundon told Bridge that it was always the case but it was important newer ears listened to the band's sentiments.

"Especially the children - they need to pay attention to the lyrics, keeping the country clean and green," he said.

Joll added: "Reggae always has been a protest genre of music. Bob Marley wrote songs of hope and happiness."

The band was inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame in 2012.

Watch the full interview above.