Review: The Creator is a sure-fire winner with sci-fi fans

Sci-fi fans can rejoice - a new blockbuster has just landed in Kiwi cinemas called The Creator.

And it asks the very topical question: Why can't humans and artificial intelligence just get along?

Set in a near-future world and one that feels alarmingly real, we live alongside AI - the robots created to make the world a better place.

But after a nuclear attack which the Americans blame on AI, war consumes the world.

We follow a team of elite soldiers, led by the most excellent John David Washington in the lead role of Joshua, into the final remaining AI stronghold to hunt down the ultimate AI weapon - a weapon in the form of a young girl.

The stunning blockbuster visual worlds created by gifted British filmmaker Gareth Edwards are a seamless mix of location shoots and incredible visual effects.

That includes specialty work from our own Wētā Workshop.

And as a hardcore lover of all things sci-fi, I found these epic worlds deeply immersive.

So, did I find a connection to the emotional heart of the story? Disappointingly, that proved far less compelling.

I feel like all these amazing ideas overwhelmed the importance of telling the story, with a script trying its best to grow connective tissue between the themes and the characters, but largely failing.

So go for the delectable cinematic experience - including the Hans Zimmer score - but keep other expectations under control.

Three-and-a-half stars.