ACT's David Seymour takes stage at popular Christchurch bar Fat Eddies

  • 07/10/2023

David Seymour has taken centre stage at a popular bar in Christchurch, performing for patrons.

The ACT Party leader took his campaigning to the town, rocking out to the Kiwi band Dragon's 'April Sun in Cuba' at Fat Eddies.

While the politician was praised online for giving it a go, not everyone was impressed with Seymour's guitar skills, while some were supportive.

"Good on him for giving it a crack though. It's much like his Dancing with the Stars appearances, terrible but kinda endearing - like watching a toddler having a go at something new."

Watch the video above.

Newshub originally quoted a person on social media in this article. This quote has now been removed and Newshub apologises for any offence caused.