Friends star Matthew Perry shared photo of himself in spa pool days before jacuzzi death reported

Matthew Perry's final Instagram post showed him lounging in a spa pool just days before he was reportedly found dead in his jacuzzi. 

Earlier TMZ revealed the 54-year-old actor's body had been found in his LA home on Saturday afternoon (local time).

A source said no drugs were found at the scene. It's also reported there is no foul play involved, according to TMZ.  

Law enforcement sources reported that emergency services had received a call to the address, which was first reported as a cardiac arrest.

The much-loved Friends actor, who played Chandler Bing, took to Instagram to share a photo of himself just five days before his death.

The photo depicts a relaxed Perry, his arms propped up on the edge of the spa pool with headphones on as he sits in the bubbly, purple-lit water. 

"Oh, so warm water swirling around makes you feel good? I'm Mattman," Perry captioned the picture in his final message to fans. 

"Is everything ok at home Mattman?" one person commented. 

"Really enjoying this Mattman content lately," another said.

Perry also posted on Twitter/X four days before his death, after a year of being off the platform. 

"Let's make stigmas a stigma," he wrote. "I'm Mattman #mentalhealth."  

Several people have since commented on his most recent Instagram post, sharing their emotional tributes and thanking him for providing them with "years of laughter". 

"I feel silly posting here but thank you for being one of the only people on TV to make me laugh out loud, for being a source of laughter during hard times, and for giving the best of yourself to make others smile," one woman said. 

"Don't feel silly, you are sharing sentiments that we are all feeling. Thank you," one person replied. 

Others in the comments agreed he had helped them through their own mental health struggles. 

"RIP Matthew Perry, thank you for all the laughs and being a friend when I felt alone," one person said. 

"I still can't believe it. You and the other five were part of my journey from teenager to adult and helped me overcome the loss of my mother," another said. 

"I'm honestly just speechless, this has hit me harder than I thought possible," a third added.