Israel-Hamas conflict: Pink denies flying Israeli flag at her shows, says they are Māori poi flags

'Trustfall' singer Pink has hit out at angry claims she is flying pro-Israel flags at her concerts, claiming they are instead Māori "poi flags" she has used "since the beginning of this tour". 

She made the claim in a tweet on Sunday night (US time) after she received backlash in response to her dancers performing with blue and white flags - the same colours as the Israeli flag. 

There has been a rise in online complaints about celebrities voicing their anger over the ongoing Israeli-Hamas conflict after the killing of 1300 people when Hamas fighters rampaged through Israeli towns on October 7. 

"This post will be controversial for some. At this point, breathing is controversial," Pink said. "I am getting many threats because people mistakenly believe I am flying Israeli flags in my show. I am not. 

"I have been using Poi flags since the beginning of this tour. These were used many, many years ago by the Māori people in New Zealand and because they and the Māori people are beautiful to me, we use them.  

"I do not fly flags in my show in support of anything or anyone except the rainbow flag. That will remain my position." 

Pink concluded her post by spreading a message of "peace, equality, love". 

"I am human. I believe in peace. Equality. Love. I am deeply saddened by the state of the world. I pray for all of us." 

The singer is due to play New Zealand in 2024.