Laura Tupou farewells Ryan Bridge on AM as Melissa Chan-Green returns to show

AM co-host Laura Tupou has told Ryan Bridge she's "gonna miss" him and the team as she presented her penultimate show on Thursday.

Tupou has been covering for Melissa Chan-Green who has been off on maternity leave since the end of April to have her second child.

"Just speaking of personnel issues, this morning is Laura and myself's last day here together because Ms Chan-Green is coming back from maternity leave," Bridge said.

"Anyway, Laura we have loved having you here and we want to say thank you this morning."

"I have actually got another day of work to do - you're the one leaving me!" Tupou said.

"I've loved it, it's been six months - feels like it's been forever but also I feel like I've just got here so I'm gonna miss you guys."

Bridge then shared a montage of "some of your finer moments" with Tupou, which included arm wrestling with Bridge, her secret banana technique and also her brutal rebuttal to Bridge when he asked her if they wanted to date.

Watch the AM video above.