Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood: National win 'so deeply disappointing'

AM host Laura Tupou said Elijah Wood's reaction to National winning the 2023 general election on Saturday is "so random".

Responding to a post on X (formerly Twitter) from New Zealand filmmaker David Farrier, the Lord of the Rings star said Labour's loss is "so deeply disappointing".

Discussing controversial billionaire Elon Musk's congratulatory post to National leader Christopher Luxon on Monday on the show, Tupou said it's "always funny who comes out and says congratulations", before moving on to Wood's disheartened post.

"Wasn't he stuck here during COVID-19?" co-host Bridge said in response.

"He does like to film things here," Tupou acknowledged.

Bridge then claimed the reason Wood was disappointed was due to how former Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was regarded internationally.

"When Donald Trump got elected, politics turned quite nasty and Jacinda Ardern was the antidote to that that the world held up. That's part of the reason the world was so enamoured with her at the time - internationally they hold her in real regard," he said.

Wood's tweet has also seen many followers claiming he doesn't know what he is talking about.

"You need to shush. Just because you did a few movies here doesn't mean you or anyone else can weigh in on a wave of negative rhetoric. How dare you have the audacity, really," one wrote.

"Wow a celebrity who thinks he knows what being here the last six years has been like," another wrote.

Wood spent 16 months in New Zealand in 1999 filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy with Sir Peter Jackson and recently shot Bookworm with director Ant Timpson in Aotearoa in March.

Watch the AM interview above.