Matthew Perry death: Friends cast to release joint statement - report

The remaining cast of Friends is reportedly planning to release a joint statement on the death of co-star Matthew Perry "in the coming days", according to a report.

Showbiz correspondent Kinsey Schofield told GB News on Monday: "New information is that the core cast of Friends is currently working on a joint statement they can release.

"According to sources they are reeling about the death of Matthew Perry, they say that he was their brother, and that they fiercely protected him through some of his toughest times.

"They believe that this is incredibly unfair, according to one of Lisa Kudrow's friends, and no one saw this coming because they felt like he was in a really good place that he had one of his best years."

Schofield's comments follow an industry source telling US outlet Page Six that Perry's death was "just devastating" for the Friends stars.

"The cast is reeling from the loss of their brother, because that's what Matty was - their brother," an industry source told the news outlet on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner has completed its autopsy on Perry who was found on Saturday (US time) unresponsive in his hot tub at home.

The coroner has deferred the verdict, meaning further investigation is needed.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office confirmed to TV station CBS Los Angeles that toxicology results were pending.

Perry was 54.