MSG Sphere in Las Vegas rocks out to U2 as specially-developed show dazzles crowd

U2 have kicked off their residency at the MSG Sphere with dazzling visuals and some of their greatest hits.

The group is the first to perform at the world's largest spherical building in Las Vegas and saw Bono and the boys playing songs from their 1991 album Achtung Baby.

They will perform 25 U2: UV Achtung Baby concerts at the venue as part of a residency, finishing off on December 16.

Tickets to the shows start from a US$400 (NZ$667) cost and the novelty has seen some tourists adding on extra dates to their holidays to incorporate U2. 

However, fans told ITV News it was worth it, because the show was so spectacular that it "had to be seen to be believed".

While the visuals caught the audience's imagination, music from the show was blasted out through 160,000 speakers.

The MSG Sphere homes a 16K wraparound LED screen that measures 15,000 metres squared. It is said to be the largest and highest-resolution programmable LED screen on the planet.

The exterior features 54,000 metres squared of programmable lighting and 1.2 million LEDs.

The structure stands 112m (366 feet) tall and is 157m (516 feet) wide at its widest point. As an entertainment venue its capacity will be 18,600.

U2 has specifically developed the show for the Sphere.

Reaction to U2's opening night online has ranged from "epic" to a simple "OMG" with some fans posting videos to Twitter to try and capture the scale of the visuals moving overhead and in front of the audience.