Skrillex stops Auckland Listen In festival DJ set over stage lighting fire

Skrillex was forced to stop his set at Auckland's Listen In festival after the stage at Mt Smart Stadium caught fire on Sunday night.

Video of the incident shows a lighting rig on the left of the stage aflame and being put out with a fire extinguisher, pausing the American DJ's headline performance.

In a statement sent to Newshub, Fuzzy, the event promoters, said on-stage pyrotechnics were responsible for the brief blaze.

"Shortly after Skrillex began his set, the production and venue operations teams responded to a minor incident at Go Media Stadium, Mt Smart, which resulted in a 10-minute pause of the show.

"This delay occurred when on-stage pyrotechnics hit a lighting rig causing a small fire near the front of the stage, which was quickly put out by event personnel using on site fire extinguishers.

"There was no danger to the crowd and security kept patrons informed.  The equipment was safety checked before the show resumed without any further hitches, and the artist's performance slot was extended for 20 minutes."

Newshub's Natasha Payne was at the festival and said it was Skrillex himself who noticed the lighting rig smoking from on stage before stopping the gig and contacting festival staff to ask for help.

Video taken at Mt Smart from within the crowd at around 9pm on Sunday night showed sparks on the left of the lighting rig falling onto the stage moments after Skrillex halted his performance.

"Wait - look, the stage is on fire," one attendee exclaims in the video as a stage hand held aloft a fire extinguisher to put out the potential blaze.

"I know you guys are good," Skrillex said over a microphone as staff worked to restart the gig.

"I know New Zealand, I know Auckland knows how to rave, but just take care of each other out there tonight."

As he speaks to the crowd in the footage, the rig is lowered down and doused by a fire extinguisher.

Payne said the performance was delayed by "five to ten minutes" as the rig was reset. It is believed the rest of the show went off without any further problems.

It is not the first time the Listen In festival has been hit by fiery stage issues.

On Saturday, September 30, rapper Ice Spice was performing at the Sydney leg of the festival when she was nearly struck by a pyrotechnic on stage.

The 'Barbie World' singer shared video on her Instagram of her twerking during a performance of 'Princess Diana' when she was close to a pyrotechnic that went off unexpectedly.

The rapper appeared to make light of the incident, posting the footage with the subject "swipe to see pyro take me tf out".