Brian Jonestown Massacre band has on-stage fight during Australian show, cancels tour

US group Brian Jonestown Massacre has been at the centre of a huge on-stage fight in Australia that saw the band's founder and lead guitarist hitting each other. 

Footage from The Forum in Melbourne widely shared on social media showed founder Anton Newcombe, who is known for his wild onstage antics, and the group’s guitarist Ryan Van Kriedt involved in a fist fight. 

In one shot, a guitar was seen being smashed down on Kriedt's head. 

The pair ended up in a violent wrestling match on the ground in front of fans before other members of the band and stage hands had to physically separate them. 

The Brian Jonestown Massacre formed in San Francisco back in 1990 and have a history of conflict over Newcombe's actions and comments on stage. 

Just two weeks ago, the group played Auckland's PowerStation without incident. 

Commenters on social media said the group's Melbourne concert had been fractious from the beginning. 

"The lead singer basically ranted for 50 per cent of the gig, primarily calling the audience c***s and continued to mouth off at one of the guitarists," one wrote on social media. 

“Anton lost his voice but was also yelling and insulting the crowd the whole time, he and Ryan got into a fight, Anton kept leaving the stage," another said.

"It was a nightmare. Two hours on stage of just constant abuse and bickering, we only got two songs," a further commenter wrote.

The band has now cancelled the rest of its Australian shows.