Macklemore reveals why he filmed his biggest song's music video in Aotearoa's 'utopia'

US singer Macklemore says Cathedral Cove was "utopia on Earth" and the perfect place to film the music video for his massive hit, 'Can't Hold Us'. 

Speaking to The Project ahead of his New Zealand tour, the Grammy winner was asked why he'd chosen that location as part of the global shoot for the 2011 video. 

"I mean it's magic, that place is literally like utopia on Earth. We had such a good time filming that there. 

"There is something about New Zealand when you get outside of the city and you're on the beach and you're just like there's nothing better than being here," he said. 

Macklemore is to play two gigs in New Zealand as part of his Australasian tour in 2024.  

The 'Glorious' rapper, 40, will play Wellington's TSB Arena on Wednesday, May 8. He will then head to Auckland's Spark Arena on Thursday, May 9.  

Watch the video above.