Taylor Swift: How to secure the last limited tickets for The Eras Tour in Australia

New Zealand's Taylor Swift fans will be hoping for success today after it was announced that a limited numbers of additional tickets for the Eras World Tour in Australia will be going on sale on Friday. 

However, Frontier Touring has announced the tickets will offer a "partially obstructed side view" of the pop icon. 

The last time tickets were on sale for the Australian leg of the tour, around four million people attempted to get their hands on them - leaving many unsuccessful Swifties crushed.  

Here's what you need to know about ticket sales and times. 

The shows 

The tickets are for seven shows across February 2024 in Melbourne and Sydney. 


The shows at Sydney's Accor Stadium take place on February 23, 24, 25 and 26. They are the first limited tickets to go on sale on Ticketek's Australian website, with tickets to all four shows up for grabs from 10am AEST on Friday, which is 12pm in New Zealand. 

They will remain for sale until the allocation is exhausted. Accor has a capacity of 83,500. 

Melbourne shows 

The shows dates at Melbourne's Cricket Ground (the MCG) are February 16, 17 and 18. 

The tickets go on sale from 4pm AEST on Friday, which is 6pm in New Zealand. The stadium capacity at the MCG is over 100,000.  

The tickets 

The tickets are sold on Ticketek's Australian website: you will need to have an account and be logged in for the best results. 

Ticket sales are limited to four per person. 

The site operates a ticket lobby. Previously the surge for demand in June saw many unhappy with the system, but Ticketek bosses insisted it was a "fair" system for everyone with prospective punters picked at random to be able to choose their tickets. 

The cost 

Ticket prices start from AU$79.90 - the company didn't reveal the maximum price. 

Remember, these tickets are for a "partially obstructed side view" of the show, so maybe wrestle with your conscience over whether it's worth it - or if the fact you'll be in the venue with Taylor Swift outweighs any potential cons. 

What's the best way to get tickets 

Ticketek's advice in June will probably be worth paying heed to. 

  • Don't close or refresh your browser - sit tight and wait to be let through to the buying page. The page refreshes frequently to automatically let more fans through to purchase and make the purchase process as smooth as possible. 
  • Once you're through, watch the timer in the top right-hand corner of your browser and complete your purchase within the time frame. 
  • Have your Ticketek account details and credit card ready as you'll need these to complete your purchase. 
  • You should only buy from the official Ticketek website - make sure you're not inadvertently using Viagogo or another resale site used by scalpers, as purchasing from those may not give you access to the concert, despite the exorbitant costs.