The Corrs live: 'Amazing' performance wins over audience of all ages in Auckland

The Corrs may have sold over 40 million albums worldwide but not everyone has heard their music.

The group, who are in New Zealand for two shows only, kicked off their tour in Auckland on Thursday night.

AM reporter Emma Olsen took her mother along to the gig at the Spark Arena, and she told show hosts Ryan Bridge and Melissa Chan-Green she'd "definitely go back" despite not knowing too much about them.

"I didn't even know they were Irish - I genuinely didn't know anything about them," she said.

"I went into it open-minded [and] I was pleasantly surprised. With this concert, it was all seated and I've never been to Spark Arena when there are seats in the moshpit - it was really nice to be able to breathe and see because I'm quite short!" she laughed.

"They were amazing, it was so beautiful. They're all in their 50s and 60s and they're all such stunning people - they're all instrumentally talented."

"I'd definitely go back - my age demographic these days usually go to raves and what-not."

The Corrs play Christchurch on Friday.

Watch the AM review above.