Co-host Ryan Bridge leaving AM, will lead Newshub's new 7pm show

  • 08/12/2023

AM co-host Ryan Bridge has revealed he will be leaving the morning show and beginning a new role as the host of Newshub's new 7pm news and current affairs show.   

"It's an absolute privilege to front this brand-new show," Bridge said on AM on Friday. 

Bridge thanked AM viewers on Friday after revealing the news.

"I just wanted to let you know, because you're such a huge part of our show, and I'm just so grateful and really proud to be working on this programme".

Bridge said he was "particularly grateful to be working alongside you Mel".

Co-host Melissa Chan-Green said she had gotten very used to Bridge being the first person she saw each morning, and "you'll now be the last person I watch each night".

"We've been friends for a long time," Chan-Green continued, "but working on this desk with you has shown me, also, what a brilliant broadcaster you are".

Bridge also thanked his partner, "because he's long-suffering".

"You know what it's like when you do these hours, you're just mingy in the afternoon," he laughed.

"He has just been amazing for me, so thank you, I know he's watching this morning," Bridge said.

Before things got too emotional, the pair agreed they could go over it properly on AM's last show of 2024 on Friday next week.

"Expect lively debate, context around the day's big stories and both local and international guests," he added.  

Sarah Bristow, senior director of news at Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ, which owns Newshub, said the live show will be a vital news offering tackling the day's biggest stories and advancing the news agenda. 

"The show will tackle the big conversations - conversations that connect us - and conversations you won't want to miss," Bristow said.  

"We'll challenge, provoke, entertain, spark emotion and drive a live conversation with our audience. The show will be gutsy, courageous and won't shy away from the hard topics."  

Senior director of content & BVOD Warner Bros. Discovery ANZ Juliet Peterson said Newshub intends to build on the company's world-class reputation across global media, news, sports and entertainment to offer Kiwis the most diverse portfolio of local and international content, brands and franchises across television, film and streaming.   

"Our top priority this year has been investment and growth in ThreeNow and its audience, which will continue in 2024 as we further drive its expansion and build increasing scale. This means growing audiences with the best mix of locally produced and internationally acquired content," Peterson said.  

Bridge will be replaced on AM by Lloyd Burr who will host the show alongside Melissa Chan-Green.  

"I've been fortunate to have a front row seat to many new events over the past 13 years - but the seat I'm looking forward to the most is the one on AM," said Lloyd.   

"I'm excited to join such a brilliant, dynamic team and I couldn't think of anyone better to share the couch with than Mel."  

Further details about the new 7pm show and AM will be revealed in the coming weeks.