Coalition chaos, baubles of power and 'woke lesbo' - how AM paid tribute to its political panellists

Prime Minister Christopher Luxon, ACT leader David Seymour and Green MP Chloe Swarbrick were all given Christmas gifts on Monday, with one being told they didn't "think you'd be offended" by the offering.

The trio was given the traditional AM presents as part of their final 2023 appearances as weekly panellists on the show.

Luxon was given a calendar which commemorated the time it took to form the coalition with a picture of all the main players superimposed on the All Blacks' bodies.

"It's a badly doctored," he began before changing his mind to tell AM host Melissa Chan-Green: "Actually no, it's a lovely photoshopped picture of the scrum going on for the negotiations."

"We thought you would like to be reminded of that every single month," Chan-Green said.

Seymour also received a reminder of the political year he'd had with a calendar commemorating "both Winston and David reaching for the baubles of power".

"I thought he's passing me the deputy Prime Ministership - this should be May next year," he joked before seeing: "Chris is watching on in the background".

"It's the same every month, how wonderful."

However, Chan-Green had to warn Swarbrick about her gift, prefacing it by saying: "Chloe, we don't think you'd be offended by this".

Swarbrick's calendar had an image of the vandalism of one of her campaign signs, which was defaced with the words 'woke lesbo' back in September.

"I've come to learn a lot in politics about how things only have power if you give them power and I think somebody was trying to have a bit of a go at me," she joked.

However, Seymour also had a gift for Swarbrick, telling her she wouldn't "have time to open it on air, but it's a nice poem every morning so you can come in here cheerful and happy", something which Chan-Green said was somewhat of a "backhanded compliment".

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