Taylor Swift likely to take title of world's biggest polluter amid trips to see boyfriend Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift is expected to take the title of the world's single worst carbon-emitting celebrity thanks to regular flights to see NFL boyfriend Travis Kelce.

Flight records traced by Taylor Swift's Jets, an Instagram account that tracks her air travel, showed she had taken 12 flights to see Kelce in the past three months.

Those are believed to have created 138 tonnes of carbon emissions.

According to a Greenhouse Gas calculator, that amount of energy is the same amount that could have powered electricity in around 27 homes for one year.

To offset that total amount of carbon it's estimated Swift would need to plant 2282 trees, which would then need to grow for a decade.

However, a representative for Swift said the 'AntiHero' singer had already purchased double the carbon credits required for the Eras concert tour before it began in March 2022.

"The excess credits means Taylor could have accounted for more than enough to cover her latest romance springing up in the middle of her sell-out tour, with her trips to support Kelce upping her carbon emissions alongside her planned tour travels," they said.

In 2022, a UK PR company compiled a list of the worst offenders for creators of carbon emissions using private jets.

Swift was top of the list, having racked up 170 flights over the 2022 period, creating 8293.54 tonnes of emissions. That was despite her not touring at the time - it also revealed her average flight time was around 80 minutes.

Also on the 2022 list was Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Jennifer Lopez's ex Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez, Blake Shelton and Steven Spielberg.

In August 2022, Kylie Jenner was branded a "trash human being" for repeated short hop flights lasting just 13 minutes.

CelebJets posted the details of her flights, saying the plane flew from Camarillo in California in the US and was heading to Van Nuys in California.

The 56km flight would have burned US$714 of fuel, which is around 402 litres and created 1 tons of CO2 emissions.