Armie Hammer 'branded' comedian Brittany Schmitt on their first date with 'cannibal ink'

Warning: The following article contains graphic details that may offend or disturb some readers. 

Comedian Brittany Schmitt says Armie Hammer "branded" her during their first date, claiming she failed to notice the "red flag" warning. 

Schmitt made the confession during an episode of This is the Worst podcast with Brittany Furlan. 

"So, this is, like, my bad in not noticing a red flag. I'm a Taurus, I'm a bull, so I love a red flag," she began when discussing their brief relationship. 

"So, the first night we did hang out, he did give us tattoos. They're on my hand. They're cute,” the 32-year-old said.  

"He was just doing stick and poke, but it did escalate over the time that he was staying with this guy he was sober companioning. He did order a tattoo gun." 

Schmitt said the 37-year-old The Man from U.N.C.L.E. actor had developed a habit of tattooing strangers after he was accused of cannibalism by former girlfriends in 2021. 

She also claimed he called the tattoos "cannibal ink". 

"He thought he was being funny, and I was like, 'Maybe don't lean into that'," she recalled. "But yeah, we got matching tattoos the first night, when I was in a dark place." 

She also said Hammer was "very open about everything" and "very willing to talk" about his kinks, which she said he described as "a cycle of completion". 

She recalled Hammer had tried repeatedly biting her while they were having sex. 

"'I'm inside of you. I want you to be inside of me'," she recalled him saying, before she quipped: "Could I just put a finger in your butt?" 

However, Schmitt said his biting kink never crossed the line. 

"It would get really f***ing hard, and I would say stop, and he would stop. I was consensual with everything that was going on. I didn't have the same experiences as the other girls." 

The stand-up comic also went on to clarify she was not "negating" any of the other women's experiences or "saying it didn’t happen" but acknowledged that her "experience (with Hammer) was different". 

Hammer made headlines in 2021 after a series of shocking leaked private messages emerged in which he seemingly admitted to being a cannibal, discussed rape fantasies and talked about having "slaves", among other disturbing topics.  

In 2022, he denied all allegations, but his ex-girlfriend Jessica Ciencin Henriquez tweeted that she believed the messages shared online were real.   

Later that year, it was reported the actor had checked into a rehabilitation facility for drug, alcohol and sex addictions. 

In June 2023, CNN reported Hammer would not face charges following an investigation by Los Angeles police into an allegation of sexual assault against the actor.

“Sexual assault cases are often difficult to prove, which is why we assign our most experienced prosecutors to review them. In this case, those prosecutors conducted an extremely thorough review, but determined that at this time, there is insufficient evidence to charge Mr. Hammer with a crime,” Tiffiny Blacknell, Director of the Bureau of Communications told CNN at the time.

“As prosecutors, we have an ethical responsibility to only charge cases that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt.

"We know that it is hard for women to report sexual assault. Even when we cannot move forward with a prosecution, our victim service representatives will be available to those who seek our victim support services.

"Due to the complexity of the relationship and inability to prove a non-consensual, forcible sexual encounter we are unable to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt.”