Chris Isaak to play Wellington and Auckland for first time since 2006

Chris Isaak is heading back to NZ for the first time since 2006.
Chris Isaak is heading back to NZ for the first time since 2006. Photo credit: Supplied

'Wicked Game' singer Chris Isaak is to return to New Zealand for the first time since 2006.

He will perform in Wellington and Auckland in April.

The 'In Concert' global tour will visit Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre on April 22 before heading to Auckland's Spark Arena on April 24.

In a statement, Isaak said he was "excited" to be touring again after winter storms have caused chaos in the US.

"I am sitting on my front porch in Nashville, Tennessee and smiling. I have been stuck in my house for nine days because of the snow. But I have been in a great mood as I know I'm going back to New Zealand," Isaak said.

"I think it's my favourite place to tour - or just hang out. I'm so ready. Bring on the sun! Bring on the beach! I think I'm gonna wax my guitar. I told you I was excited!"

Pre-sales for the show start on Thursday, February 1 before general tickets go on sale on Friday, February 2.

Isaak's career-defining 'Wicked Game' reached number 5 in 1989 on the New Zealand charts and has been streamed more than half a billion times on Spotify. 

He has also acted, having appeared in David Lynch's Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me as well as Wild at Heart and Eyes Wide Shut.