Emmy Awards 2024: Viewers freaked out by appearance of green goblin during event

Viewers of the 2024 Emmy Awards have been left confused by the appearance of a green goblin during the television broadcast. 

Shots of the goblin have been widely shared on social media, with many questioning who was behind the costume and why the stunt was being pulled. 

The character was seen in the background of shots with Homeland star Claire Danes as well as taking their seat during the show. 

Social media was flooded with comments such as "Who the hell is that?" during the star-studded event on Tuesday (NZ time) which saw Succession, Beef and The Bear take home major awards. 

It has now been revealed the person behind the goblin costume was RuPaul Drag Race star Princess Poppy. 

"I wanted to do the exact opposite of what is expected of you when you go to an event like this. I wanted to take decorum and turn it on its head," Poppy told Entertainment Weekly while on the red carpet. 

"Mainly I wanted to be a troll-slash-hag. I wanted to be so shocking that you just have to turn and look at me - in the worst way possible." 

The San Francisco drag queen was the star of the 15th season of RuPaul's Drag Race despite being eliminated second from the show in 2023.