Married at First Sight Australia 2024: Meet the brides and grooms looking for love

Trust issues, broken hearts from jilted weddings and a bride-to-be with a to-do list tattooed on her arm are just some of the brides and grooms looking for love on the new season of Married at First Sight Australia

The phenomenally popular reality series will be returning to Three and ThreeNow from Monday, February 5. 

The show is entering its 11th season and will once again see the return of John Aiken and Mel Schilling as the panel of experts. 

But it appears all of the new contestants have brought their own baggage to the altar as they look for love. 

Andrea from Queensland, a 51-year-old photographer, has a tattoo of a to-do list on her arm. 

She confessed she ended her most recent relationship after "realising she was being gaslit, a term she learnt while watching MAFS". She said she had cut ties with her ex once and for all after spending time watching previous seasons of the show. 

She is one of the oldest contestants on this season - along with 62-year-old Richard, who is described as "charismatic, self-assured and loud". 

Married at First Sight Australia  hopefuls Andrea, Ben and Cassandra.
Married at First Sight Australia hopefuls Andrea, Ben and Cassandra. Photo credit: Channel Nine

In the first trailer for the show, Richard is seen saying: "I'm not everyone's cup of tea. But f**k them, I drink coffee anyway." 

Richard said he is "young at heart" and revealed he had left his wife of 27 years because the "relationship had run its course and the spark was no longer there". 

He added that he "recently dated a woman 27 years his junior, with the relationship ending over her desire to have children". 

Cassandra, 29, also has issues. 

Having experienced the devastating loss of her first love, the admin assistant from Queensland has "struggled to find a meaningful connection with anyone since". 

But she is hopeful the experiment will work, saying she's seeking someone "as loving as she is to build a life and raise a small football team of kids together". 

Recruitment manager Eden, 28, may also have problems adjusting to life in the experiment, having been badly burned in love before. 

Married at First Sight Australia's Collins, Eden and Ellie.
Married at First Sight Australia's Collins, Eden and Ellie. Photo credit: Channel Nine

She has been single for three years since her previous relationship ended because her partner cheated with her best friend. Since the betrayal, losing her partner and her lifelong best friend in one fell swoop, Eden admits her trust issues run extremely deep, something which she hopes MAFS will change. 

Tim from Queensland, 31, split with his most recent girlfriend after finding out she was unfaithful. He enjoys dating but tends to keep his walls up, still not fully healed from his past heartbreak. He's hoping the social experiment may open him up to new possibilities and heal his heart. 

It's a similar story for 32-year-old Ellie, who was left heartbroken after her ex-fiancé cheated on her several years ago, resulting in the cancellation of her wedding a month before the big day. 

It's impacted severely on her, and she has admitted she has a tendency to bend over backwards for people, even when she knows they don't deserve it. 

Married at First Sight Australia singletons Jack, Jayden and Jono.
Married at First Sight Australia singletons Jack, Jayden and Jono. Photo credit: Channel Nine

That need to please others is something 39-year-old marketing manager Simon knows all too well. For most of his 20s, he was married. But just before his 30th birthday, he realised he could no longer lie to himself or his family and friends, and came out as gay. 

A co-parent to a teenage son, Simon has been in a seven-year same-sex "situationship", but it never eventuated to anything - leaving him wanting to find someone to share a real connection with. 

Simon's marriage to a prospective groom will be the first time Married at First Sight Australia has shown a same-sex male wedding since the marriage equality laws were passed in Australia in 2017.

Married at First Sight Australia's Lucinda, Lauren and Michael.
Married at First Sight Australia's Lucinda, Lauren and Michael. Photo credit: Channel Nine

 The series' trailers have also shown off some of the slightly edgier elements of the brides too. 

From 43-year-old MC & wedding celebrant Lucinda, who says she's a "grounded earth mama” who wants to "jam on the man" and whose wedding day is disrupted by a storm, to 32-year-old Natalie, a cosplayer who is "nerdy by nature and proud of it" and has a  large collection of memorabilia dedicated to her Samoyed dog, MieMie, the experts have a lot to contend with. 

Nutritionist Sara, 29, from New South Wales says her dream match is a confident guy with good conversation who can match her energy. But she's clear that it will be an "added bonus if he is a light haired 'pretty boy'." 

Married at First Sight Australia's Natalie, Richard and Sara.
Married at First Sight Australia's Natalie, Richard and Sara. Photo credit: Channel Nine

Tori, 27, is also fairly adamant on what she wants from the experiment, being a self-proclaimed "bulldog" who claims she doesn't "do compromise". She also said while she does not need a man, she would like to make room for one - but only if he is the perfect fit. 

That may not be a problem for 39-year-old groom Ben, who says he "hates vanilla". 

The former tour guide, who had to change professions when COVID-19 hit and now works in construction, is described as "extremely picky". His last serious relationship ended in 2019 and he finds dating exhausting. Who he ends up with remains to be seen. 

Married at First Sight Australia's Simon, Tim and Timothy.
Married at First Sight Australia's Simon, Tim and Timothy. Photo credit: Channel Nine

Collins, 28, on the other hand is just hopeful someone will want him. A self-described chatterbox, the quirky Collins, a host of trivia events by night, loves to laugh and make people happy. But his experience when it comes to dating and relationships is zero. He has had his heart broken by unrequited love once, never had a girlfriend, and is perpetually put in the friend-zone. 

It's a problem also for 30-year-old Tristan. Described as "confident, funny and adventurous", he cannot seem to get himself out of the friend-zone. With a question mark over whether he is self-sabotaging or just chasing the wrong women, Tristan has put his faith in MAFS to find him love. 

Both those two grooms stand in direct contrast to 34-year-old Jack, a personal trainer from Queensland, who's described as "fit, charming and vain" and "an alpha male who needs a partner respectfully submissive to his dominance". 

There may be trouble ahead though - Jack admits he has "high expectations and OCD to boot, as well as a very structured, controlled lifestyle."  

Married at First Sight Australia's Tori and Tristan.
Married at First Sight Australia's Tori and Tristan. Photo credit: Channel Nine

Jayden, 26, may have some idea of what's ahead on the show. His brother is Mitch Eynaud, who starred on MAFS season 9. 

Jayden says he has a "professional knack for hiding his emotions and showing no pain", but his habit of keeping people at arm’s length has led to many labelling him as a "bad F boy". 

That is not an issue for 39-year-old Jonathan. 

The former infantry soldier who now owns a health business is looking to correct "poor choices in his 30s". Declaring it "time to get serious about finding someone", Jono says he is eager to become a father and find someone "equally motivated" about making it happen. 

Equally motivated but for different reasons, 34-year-old salesperson Michael from Victoria says he is not afraid to stand up for what he believes in and will do anything for those he loves. 

Originally from the small-town Ohio, US, Michael believes his mum and close family ties have made him "the man he is today". 

Self-described "Peter Pan" Timothy, 51, said he doesn't let people in easily. Having recently lost his father, he had an epiphany - realising he craved the support, love and emotional connection of a partner.  

His last relationship ended six years ago, and while he has forgotten what it feels like to be in a partnership, he knows that he wants to feel butterflies and excitement when his bride walks down the aisle.  

Whether they will all be successful in their quests for romance remains to be seen. 

Married at First Sight Australia season 11 kicks off on Monday, February 5 on Three and ThreeNow.