Married at First Sight Australia unveils first look at new 'chaotic' cast

Married at First Sight Australia has released its first look at the latest singletons hoping to find love in the hit reality TV show.

The 11th season will feature people aged from 28 to 62 trying to find love in the social experiment.

However, while Adrian Smith - head of content for Channel 9 - said last year they had "tried to move away from the screechy and the shouting" for the show, it appears the drama is still there, with one bride being described as "chaotic". 

In the trailer which was uploaded to Instagram, would-be bride Lauren is seen telling her future spouse, "I'll respect you and support you, but probably not obey you."

Elsewhere, 62-year-old Richard says: "I'm not everyone's cup of tea. But f**k them, I drink coffee anyway."

One groom, 30-year-old Tim, can be seen reciting his vows in Spanish.

"I don't believe in love at first sight," admits 28-year-old Eden, leaving her prospective partner and experts concerned as to what could be ahead.

The trailer shows 16 hopefuls swapping vows and promises a variety of locations for the nuptials.

The series, which airs on ThreeNow in Aotearoa, launched in 2015 and quickly developed notoriety for its fiery confrontations and seemingly mismatched partners, rather than being a social experiment about finding love.

Producers have promised the new season will have the first same-sex male wedding since the marriage equality laws were passed in Australia in 2017.

The show will transmit in Australia from January 29 on Channel 9 - a New Zealand airdate on Three and ThreeNow has yet to be revealed.