Review: Emma Stone's performance in Poor Things needs to be seen

Hollywood awards season kicks off Monday with the Golden Globes - and top contender to fill her awards cabinet this year is Emma Stone.

Her performance in the film Poor Things needs to be seen to be truly believed.

Meet Bella Baxter. And when you get to know her - and I beg you to do so immediately - you will never ever forget her.

This is Emma Stone in Poor Things.

Honestly, where does one even start to try and explain this latest film from the filmmaker who brought us The Lobster and The Favourite?

Let's at least begin with our beloved Bella, resurrected some might say, in Victorian England by Willem Defoe's genre-defying scientist, who then runs off to explore the world with Mark Ruffalo's absolute cad.

As Bella grows, her instincts more assured, so does her power. The base simplicity of her desire matched and then nourished and augmented by her growing knowledge of the world and the people good and evil who populate it.

Bonkers yes? But amidst the seemingly absurdist insanity, every single word and scene has a purpose, is deliberate, is entirely delicious, and just so ridiculously strangely empowering and unbelievably entertaining. Emma Stone is stunning.

Embrace your inner radicalist - Poor Things is a fabulous five-star watch.