Blink-182 diss Christchurch at Melbourne show days after cancelling gig

Blink-182 have slammed Christchurch while performing in Melbourne, finally addressing why they cancelled their planned show in the Garden City weeks earlier. 

In a clip uploaded to TikTok, the group's drummer Travis Barker accidentally addressed the Melbourne crowd as "Sydney", to much derision from his fellow band members. 

"He said 'Sydney', Travis said 'Sydney'," the band said to repeated boos from the Melbourne crowd. 

However, front man Mark Hoppus took it a step further, telling the audience: "Look to be honest, Sydney sucks so f**king bad, we had to cancel Christchurch." 

Guitarist Tom deLonge added: "Yeah f**k Christchurch. That's a gnarly name for a town. Could you imagine naming your f**king city that?" 

The group then carried on with their show. 

Christchurch councillor Andrei Moore has since condemned the band's "attitude". 

"Disappointing to learn of Blink-182 saying 'f*** Christchurch' on stage in Melbourne after cancelling their sold-out show that many Christchurch folk and visitors bought tickets for 18 months in advance," he wrote on Facebook. 

"We've been through more than our fair share of challenges over the years, which have led to many concert cancellations, but I can't ever recall any of them being followed up with an attitude as bad as this one." 

Blink-182 cancelled their upcoming show at the Wolfbrook Arena in Christchurch two weeks ahead of the event taking place.     

"Unfortunately, the Blink-182 Christchurch performance has been cancelled due to unanticipated logistical issues outside of the band's control," the statement read.    

"Event organisers join the band and fans in being very disappointed and regret any inconvenience that this cancellation has caused."  

The Christchurch gig on March 4 was due to be their final show on their world tour - the group play in Auckland at Spark Arena on March 2.