Dune star Anya Taylor-Joy accused of 'normalising starvation' with behind-the-scenes corset picture

Anya Taylor-Joy is being accused of promoting starvation for posting a behind the scenes image on her social media that shows her topless in a tight corset with her waist pulled in.

The picture was uploaded before the New York premiere of her new film Dune: Part Two and prompted concerned comments.

"Looks painfully uncomfortable," one Instagram comment reads.

"Uncomfortable, awkward and unhealthy," another said.

"Rough. Expected better from you tbh. Thinness isn't chic," another commented.

"Can we not normalise starvation?" another said, which prompted a barrage of angry responses, in which many commenters accused the poster of "normalising body shaming skinny people".

"Nothing to be proud of and sets a poor example for young girls," another fretted.

But not everyone was against Taylor-Joy's image, with some saying "we don't have to be all dramatic about it".

"She's not promoting anything, dude, let a woman be free. If she likes it good, if you don't, it's perfectly fine. You have the right not to wear it, just as she has the right to wear anything she likes," one said.

"What's up with y'all in the comments? Her body is perfectly fine, she's always been on the slimmer side and the first pic it's just a corset she wore during an event," they wrote.

Dune: Part Two opens in New Zealand cinemas on Thursday, February 29.