Guy Williams enlists viral 'succulent Chinese meal' man to end feud between Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House shops with same name

Two Auckland restaurants with the exact same name have been in a vicious fight for more than four years after which one is better. But now there might finally be a resolution after Guy Williams enlisted the help of an Australian legend to decide once and for all which Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House really is the best. 

Four years ago, Guy Williams first attempted to fix the feud between the icon Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House and its neighbouring shop the Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House on his show New Zealand Today.  

Williams set up a meeting between the two store owners, who are also cousins, to try to settle the debate once and for all. But tensions flared and one owner Huantuan stormed out leaving the other to collect the trophy. 

In the latest episode of New Zealand Today, which aired on Three on Thursday, Williams went back to visit the shops only to realise his earlier intervention had been anything but helpful.  

"After you made the video, it affected our business." The new manager of one of the stores Alice explained. She said because the other shop owner took home the trophy, customers believed they were the better restaurant.  

"It's really hard because they [the cousins] are seeing each other every day. Having arguments really often. How come in one video you thought you could solve the issue? You think it's too easy. But seriously I hate you...Not I, we hate you," Alice said. Which Williams pointed out was actually much worse than I.  

In an effort to fix his mistake, Williams decided to enlist the help of a man who is an expert in "succulent Chinese meals" - the infamous Jack Karlson.  

Karlson went viral in 2009 when a video of his 1991 arrest outside a Brisbane restaurant was uploaded to YouTube. The Australian was arrested after police received a tip-off he was using a stolen credit card to settle his bill. 

In the video, several officers can be seen trying to force Karlson into the back of a police car while he resists.  

"Gentlemen, this is democracy manifest," Karlson can be heard exclaiming. "Have a look at the headlock here. See that man over there..." He starts to say before suddenly screaming, "Get your hand off my penis! This is the man who got me on the penis people." 

Karlson continues his rant by asking what he is being charged with.  

"What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal? Ooh, that's a nice headlock, sir. Ahh yes, I see that you know your Judo well. And you sir, are you waiting to receive my limp penis? How dare... Get your hands off me! Ta-ta and farewell." 

Williams collects two takeaway meals from both noodle shops and heads to Australia with them to get Karlson to try them and decide a winner once and for all.  

After being forced to use some creative methods to "smuggle" the meals through Customs, Williams arrives in the small outback town of Coominya and starts trying to track Karlson down.  

At the local pub, he asks Karlson but instead discovers stories of murder, prison and betrayal from the locals. Including one man who was arrested when a gang member he was training to box tried to bury a body in his backyard. 

Thankfully the man was also able to point Williams in Karlson's direction because he had met him in prison.  

Williams managed to track Karlson down but unfortunately, he wasn't in a "mood of appetite".  

So, the next day Williams went back to Karlson's home to get him to try his succulent Chinese meal.  

But Karlson, who is now an erotic artist, wasn't quite ready to eat yet. First, he discussed his several brushes with the law, a threesome on a boat and the viral video.  

Karlson also added he had been put in an insane asylum when he was caught drilling into a safe. He said he started masturbating at the police while he was being beaten in an effort to get put into a mental health facility so it was easier to escape from– which he did the next day.  

Finally, the Aussie legend was ready to try the meals, but only after Williams sold one of his paintings at the local pub for $1500.  

Thankfully he was able to decisively decide a winner after just one bite from each takeaway. But unfortunately, due to an admin error, Williams couldn't tell which Mt Albert Noodle House it was.  

While Williams wasn't able to settle the debate, he did get the owners to decide on a truce of sorts and finally put a four-year-long feud to rest. 

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