MAFS AU: Collins and Natalie announce shock exit from show during first dinner party

Natalie Parham and Collins Christian have become the first ever Married At First Sight Australia couple to quit the show during the first Dinner Party.

The pair's announcement shocked the other contestants and relationship experts during the latest episode.

While Christian was laughing with the other grooms at the drinks prior to the sitdown meal, Parham told the other brides there had been "no romance" during the couple's honeymoon.

Before they were all seated, Christian and Parham were noticeably absent and cameras followed them as they argued in a hallway.

"You were kinda sour sitting on the couch if I'm being honest," Christian said, before adding: "You just kinda bad-mouthed our honeymoon."

Things got worse during the meal portion of the night with the relationship experts worrying that Parham looked "defeated" as all the other contestants laughed and celebrated together.

"I felt like I was in a room full of people but I'm alone," she confessed to a show producer on camera.

Seconds later, she burst into tears and rushed out of the room. Her husband followed her in the hope of persuading her to return to the experiment, but she told him she just wanted to go home.

The pair returned to the dinner table with Parham announcing to the group her intentions to quit.

"I'm not my happy bubbly self, being here has been a big challenge for me and I wanted to come and say goodbye," she began, before Christian butted in.

"It's really, really tough. We're all here for love right?" he said, before rubbing his eyes.

However, his comments were not welcomed by some of the other participants in the show, with both Lauren Dunn and Jayden Eynaud accusing him of acting.

"Was he acting? It was like he was going for an Academy Award," Dunn said.

"There's a lot of fake tears coming from Collins," Eynaud declared.

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