Married At First Sight Australia: 'Instant red flag' worries over 'alpha male' Jack Dunkley

Married at First Sight Australia fans have hit out at self-professed "alpha male" Jack Dunkley over his claim he will "sort out" new wife Tori Adams.

The couple tied the knot in episode two of the new season, but already there have been concerns the relationship will turn toxic after Dunkley's comments to producers about the pairing.

While Adams professed her new husband was everything she wanted in a match, Dunkley was a little less enthusiastic, saying he wanted "to play that dominant role to Tori".

"She seems sweet. I think she'll challenge me a little bit, but I definitely reckon I'll sort her out, and we'll have a good time," he said.

"I definitely want to play that dominant role to Tori; it might be a bit of a power struggle. But I feel like she's gonna be a good girl."

On X, formerly Twitter, some fans were not impressed, and expressed their alarm.

"Jack is a massive instant red flag, he will end up being super controlling, gaslight and probably the first one to cheat," one said.

Another commented: "They're not orange flags - they are the brightest of bright red."

Adams' best friend Lea also expressed concerns about Dunkley at the wedding, noting that all of his invited guests were people he had met at the gym and he had no actual friends or family at the event.

"The majority of his guests here are clients. You are a reflection of your friends and the company you keep," she said.

"Where were his high school friends? Where was his best friend? Is this a reflection of his inability to have long-term relationships? And that's what clicked for me where I thought 'okay, what's going on, who has my friend married'?"

She also shared her off camera concerns with Adams, accusing of Dunkley of "trying to control the narrative".

"There is something about him, I can feel it in my f**king bones," she said.

Speaking exclusively to Newshub, relationship expert John Aiken revealed Dunkley was one of the grooms he constantly butted heads with during the show's filming.

"Some of the things he says in that first episode really surprised me. You know, you get a feel for each of the people that puts their hands up to come on, and you do assessments. But ultimately you're going to see them in the real world, sort of being honest with their partners," Aiken said.

"His patterns early on shocked me. I can't guarantee how people are going to behave in the experiment, but what I can say is that I'll call them out when I see bad behaviour.

"That's one of the ongoing challenges I have. Jack and I have many, many moments together where I hold a mirror up to him."

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