MAFS Australia: Lucinda Light reveals she was in polyamorous relationship

Married at First Sight Australia bride Lucinda Light says she was in a "polyamorous relationship" and had "tried it all" before entering the social experiment, which airs on Three and ThreeNow.

Speaking to, Light has revealed more about her sex life prior to being part of the show which saw her paired with Timothy.

"I've had pretty colourful relationship background," she explained.

"I've had eight relationships, I've been a serial monogamer, I suppose you could say. I've dated a woman, I've given [polyamorous relationships] a go - I've tried it all.

"I'm such a lover, I love being in love. But I am really ready for my person now, and I entered the experiment ready to share my world."

She also said she jumped at the chance to be involved in MAFS, having had no luck on her local scene.

"I've been living in a place with a pretty small population pool, and when this flashed before my screen it was just a giant 'yes'. I thought, 'Why not'?"

Light runs a speed-dating company to help others find their perfect match.

"I'm a modern-day cupid, and I absolutely love helping people find love. There's a couple of speed dating babies coming up, there's been relationships that are still going strong."

Light has had a rocky time on the show so far, with husband Timothy seemingly unable to open up and also unhappy with her continuous questioning after he believes he'd answered her queries on his past life.

On the third week of the show, the couple argued after Light went to bed topless in an attempt to provoke some intimacy from her spouse, and his subsequent asking her the next day to "put a shirt on".

Things had devolved so badly clinical sexologist Alessandra Rampolla intervened, encouraging Timothy to spend time in a "melting" hug with his bride.

"I could see beyond all the layers into your beautiful soul and just enjoy the gorgeous creature that you are," she told her husband after the hug.

Full episodes of the current season of MAFS AU are streaming on ThreeNow and airing on Three at 7pm Sunday-Wednesday.