MAFS bride Lauren Dunn shocks with vulgar, X-rated comments at wedding

The latest bride to take part in social experiment Married At First Sight Australia has shocked guests on the big day with X-rated antics.

PR and Marketing Consultant Lauren Dunn was paired with Jonathan McCullough for a wedding that dissolved into drunken behaviour and outrageous comments from Dunn.

While McCullough had begun the day by meditating and getting ready for his nuptials, Dunn was shown sleeping through her alarm and drinking champagne early on.

On the way to her wedding, she realised she had forgotten her bridal bouquet and stopped by the side of a road to pick some flowers and weeds to make up the floral arrangement.

As the wedding began, Dunn revealed she had written her vows "while I was drunk", before going on to say: "When I'm not elbow-deep in a junior whopper with cheese or hanging out the back with a bottle of shiraz, I'm spontaneous, fun and loyal."

Her comments did not please McCullough's step-sister Stephanie, who made a point of commenting on her "interesting dress".

"I don't know how she got into it. The dress was very unusual. There's a slit up the side," Stephanie said.

Things began to take a turn when Dunn went to kiss her husband, but warned him: "I'm not putting my tongue in ya mouth because my mouth is so dry."

At the reception, conversation turned to food, as Dunn told her new husband: "Here's my special dish - veal schnitzel. Sounds simple but wait till you try it. It's better than a blow job."

Reception guests were shown to be unimpressed by the conversation. 

However, Dunn didn't hold back. She asked how McCullough met his best man - and he revealed they became mates when they were dating two girls who were sisters.

"Did you have a foursome?" Dunn asked, visibly shocking the other guests. 

"We're talking about foursomes with people's sisters, so f**k you guys!" she shouted.

As Dunn spent time with her new sister-in-law, she eyed up her Christian necklace, before touching it and remarking: "You've got this next to those gorgeous set of tits. Jesus and cleavage!"

Viewers were quick to take to social media to announce this match wouldn't last.

"She's a party girl - he deserves better," one wrote on the official MAFS Facebook page.

"She needs to grow up," another said.

"She loves the sound of her own voice," another commented.

But one commenter sounded a warning to Jono about his new relationship, cautioning: "I can see her hooking up with another man on the show," in reference to Dunn's comments in the opening episode at the Hens night.

During her first encounter with the other brides, Dunn warned she would "f**k ya dad, brother, all ya friends, ya boss (and) ya colleagues."

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