Pink refused entry to Australian club, turned away at door due to lack of ID

Global pop star Pink has been refused entry to an Australian club because she had no ID on her to prove who she was.

According to the Manly Observer, the 'So What?' star was not allowed into the Manly Skiff Club, even though she had booked a table for eight people and paid a deposit.

She is currently in Australia with her global Summer Carnival tour.

Manly Market's manager Mark Eymes told the publication: "My cousin and I were walking on the Manly foreshore on the way to the Skiff, when I noticed a woman who stood out a bit."

"She was wearing a matching denim printed jacket, shorts and hat and she looked familiar. She was meandering along in a group of about eight, and she turned around and said, 'I'm really sorry, we are walking a bit slowly, please go past'. The American accent was when I realised that she was Pink."

He then stood in the line at the Skiff where he said he "overheard her saying that she had a booking, but when they asked her to provide her ID, she said she didn't have any on her".

Despite Eymes telling management who she was, she was not allowed to go in.

The Registered Clubs Act 1976 requires visitors of clubs in Australia to provide an ID proving their address to gain temporary membership.

"Next thing, I saw Pink and her group walking away. They just turfed her out. Not once did she throw her weight around. She was really pleasant despite being a little upset that she couldn't come in. It was just such a shame and I felt a little embarrassed that a solution couldn't be found."

The club has not commented on the claims, saying they didn't discuss visitors preferring they maintained their privacy.

In 2018, Pink caused a stir by using social media to lash out at a bar on Auckland's Ponsonby Road, before praising another as "the perfect place".

Pink is due to bring her Summer Carnival tour to New Zealand from March 5 when she starts off in Dunedin.