AM hosts stunned by illusionist Scott Silveri

AM hosts Lloyd Burr and Melissa Chan-Green were stunned by illusionist Scott Silveri's mind tricks on Friday. 

Silveri, who is taking part in the Auckland Arts Festival, asked the hosts to take part in an exercise that showed their connection to each other.

Silveri asked Burr to draw something he had done recently and Chan-Green was asked to think about a celebrity and their birthdate.

The exercise seemed unconnected, but the final reveal of his mind-reading skills left Chan-Green saying her "mind is still blown".

"That is freaky," she said. "My mind is still blown."

Things were even further complicated when newsreader Michael O'Keeffe was asked to pick a word from a book and Silveri said he would be able to guess it from the thousands written on the page.

Watch the AM video above.